The hardest goodbye

It's been a while since I updated this, and to be honest I probably wouldn't be updating now if it weren't for a certain life-changing event that took place last week.  Wednesday night after my weekly Lost watch party, I got a phone call from my dad that went something like this:

Dad:  I've got some bad news
Dad:  They found Christy dead
Me:  ...What?
I would come to learn that my cousin Christy's body was found early Wednesday morning on fire along the side of a secluded road.  Christy was my cousin and practically my sister.  She was the same age as one of my sisters and she spent a lot of time with me and my sisters growing up.  I used to babysit her and my sisters in the summers when we were out of school.

The entire time I was hearing the news, I was in a state of shock and disbelief.  All I kept thinking was it had to be someone else.  I was in such disbelief that I went to work the next day.  It wasn't until that night when we went to see my aunt and grandparents that the grim reality set in.  The days following that would be the saddest days of my life.  This past Saturday we had the funeral for her and although most of the sadness has passed since then, things will never be the same and I still can't believe something like this could ever happen to someone in my family.  As you can imagine, my aunt is taking it the hardest, but the support has been amazing.  At the very least, we can take comfort that she's in a better place now.

As for the circumstances surrounding her murder, the police are still investigating.  All that's known that I can talk about is that she was last seen on 6th street on Mardi Gras and at some point around 1am she disappeared.  The next time she would be seen was around 5am when her body was discovered on fire along the side of a secluded road.  Fortunately the detective assured us that he has some leads he is pursuing and currently there is a woman wanted for questioning, although the detective wouldn't say why this particular woman is of interest.  All we can hope for now is that the monster that did this is caught and taken off the street.


On a much lighter note, earlier this week my coworkers were bugging me to join Twitter, and after some resistance, I eventually gave in.  I thought it was pretty dumb at first, but already I can feel myself getting addicted.

Today I was in a particularly creative mood, so I spent some time earlier tonight creating a cool little background for my Twitter page, which then inspired me to spruce up this blog a little as well.  I added a Twitter widget and an Xbox Gamercard widget to the sidebar of this page and cleaned up some of the CSS.  I still need to create a custom theme like the old blargg! had, but for now this gray default theme will suffice.

In game news, today I preordered a DSi and Rhythm Heaven (as if I didn't already have enough games to play between my 360, PS3, Wii, and PSP).  I also plan on buying Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword, Retro Game Challenge, Mario Kart DS, New Super Mario Bros., Korg DS-10, and, if I can find it, Electroplankton.  If anyone can suggest any other games I should get, leave me a comment.

That's all for now.

And we're back

Well that was easy. It feels good to finally have upgraded Movable Type.  Now I just gotta configure this to my liking.  Fun stuff.


Cool, my blog is broken and likely has been for some time. Looks like nothing works aside from the home page. I guess I should finally upgrade this crap..

Wash your damn hands!

I hate it when people don't wash their hands after using a public bathroom.

rising from the ashes


Well well well, what do we have here? Could it be? Is blargg! really back? The answer is a cautious "sure.."

Before I get into the current goings-on, I should probably explain what happened to my site and what's been happening in the past 5 months. So, looking at my previous post, my last entry was January 1st. I actually had a couple more posts after that, but I'll get to those in a sec. So sometime in mid January, my previous hosting company, Varhosting, decided to move us all to new servers. Normally this isn't a problem and is barely even noticable if done correctly. However, in our case, this transfer was anything but smooth. In the process of moving servers, Varhosting lost just about everyone's accounts and files. For a while we were told they had backups and we'd have our stuff back shortly. As the weeks went on, it became clear that 1) Varhosting's new owner was completely incapable of doing anything right, and 2) it was pretty unlikely we'd be getting our files/databases back. I remained optimistic for about almost a month, until Rick, the owner of Varhosting, suddenly disappeared and stopped responding to helpdesk tickets, emails, and forum posts. A few weeks later, we found out that Varhosting had been sold yet again, and that we certainly were not going to be getting our files and databases back. After that whole disaster, I didn't really feel like messing with my site anymore, and so it has been sitting on several USB thumb drives as backups.

So in the meantime, I've been mostly just working, (not) sleeping, and playing a crapload of games. I don't have near enough time to talk about all the games I've purchased since last post, so I'll just have to glaze over the games portion of this post.

Work has been busy, boring, stressful, and I'm mostly just tired of it all and ready for a vacation. Life in general has been up and down, with a few emotional setbacks, lots of good times, and good friends to keep me company. All in all things are good.

As for the games, in Wii news, after my Wii died, I had to send it in to Nintendo for an attempted repair. To my dismay, they were unsuccessful at saving the console and ended up sending me a new Wii, sans all my saves and Miis. Since I have a new Wii, I have a new number, so anyone reading who doesn't have my new number yet, add me up and let me know your number. Mine is 3964 7899 8745 3920. As for Wii games, after I lost all my saves, I also lost the motivation to finish any of the games I was playing at the time, so I'll probably never play or finish Zelda again. I haven't really touched Wii Sports since getting my Wii back. I have, however, purchased a few new games for it, though those have been largely unplayed as well. Picked up Wii Play. It's fun for maybe an hour. Haven't touched it since. Also picked up Super Paper Mario which is pretty good, but has more reading than I care to endure, and thus, has also gone unplayed.

Due to the lack of good Wii games out, I decided to catch up on the old Gamecube games I missed over the years. This task has been a tad difficult since most stores don't carry much Gamecube stuff anymore. At any rate, I bought 2 'Cube controllers, a mem card, and Smash Bros. Melee & Mario Kart Double Dash. Both games are pretty good and pretty frustrating, but good purchases either way. I later grabbed Mario Sunshine (which I'm currently playing) and Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door (which is still unopened). I also borrowed Pikmin and Pikmin 2 from a friend and trying to complete those in a timely manner. Most recently I picked up the Mega Man X Collection, which is completely unplayable on the Gamecube thanks to the terrible button layout of the Gamecube controller. All told, I play more Gamecube games than Wii games on my Wii. That'll all change though once Smash Bros. Brawl comes out.

In the 360 category, not much to report. Since my last entry I've picked up and finished Crackdown, which was awesome, Lost Planet, which has nice graphics but sucks otherwise, Assault Heroes, which is a fun little arcade game, Lumines Live, which I swore I'd never get, but was on sale at a good price and is quite difficult, and Pinball FX, which I just got and is a cool pinball game. I also got Need For Speed Most Wanted just for the achievements, though I only got halfway through it and didn't feel like playing anymore.

I also recently purchased Wipeout XL, an old PSX game I've wanted for almost 10 years and only now got around to buying. I got lucky and found a near mint condition copy on ebay. I didn't feel like digging out my PSX, so I downloaded a PSX emulator for my laptop, and along with my 360 Wireless Gaming receiver, I can play WOXL on my laptop using my 360 controller. It's pretty awesome and the graphics are much clearer than on the actual PSX, though I'm having trouble getting the Piranha ship again.

After playing it at Howard's place, I bought Sega Marine Fishing and Sega Bass Fishing for the Dreamcast, along with a fishing controller off ebay. Unfortunately I got gypped and the seller sent me a used knock-off controller when they advertised a brand new, sealed 1st party fishing controller. What's worse is I just tried it and it barely even works, so I will be sending it back to them in hopes of getting a replacement as advertised. We'll see how that goes.

I think that's about it for now. There is a lot more stuff I want to mention but this post is already long enough so maybe next time. In the next few weeks I hope to be getting the rest of my site back up. Until then, see ya.

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