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a step behind

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So my aunt is moving out of her house that she's lived in for 13 years. It's kinda weird because when I was in 3rd grade we lived with her in that house briefly until we eventually moved into a duplex. I had a lot of notable memories in that house, namely getting my NES which would become my obsession for the next 10 or so years; and my youngest sister being born while we were living there. It was kinda weird walking through the house tonight seeing it empty and walking around the rooms remembering all the memories of living there a long time ago. But anyway, getting to my point, now that she's moving out, she is going to be living at my grandparents' place until she can find a new house. So all of her stuff is there at my grandparents' house right now, including her computer which my cousin, like all teenagers these days, is on all day. Well, my grandpa sees my cousin on the computer all the time and now wants a computer of his own to use to browse the net and whatnot. He called me and asked if I could build a simple computer for him and he'll pay me for it all. Now I found this to be exciting for several reasons, most important of which being that he wants to experience this thing they call computers and the internet. I found this to be pretty cool because perhaps maybe I can relate to my grandparents on a new level. I have trouble relating to my relatives given that they're all pretty much uneducated and rather poor. So I was at my grandparents' earlier tonight and my grandpa excitedly reminded me about getting him a computer. Unfortunately I had to explain to him just how much a computer, even a cheap one, actually costs, since he has no concept of just how much they cost. After I told him the price range, he had a disappointed look on his face, realizing that a computer is well out of his price range. That was a bit saddening, but maybe eventually he'll be able to afford a computer. My parents are convinced that our old Packard Bell 486 DXII 50 mhz computer with 36 megs of ram, 400 meg hard drive (full), and Win3.11 is good enough for his purposes. Maybe it is (I doubt it), but I wouldn't wish that computer on anyone in this day and age.

On the plus side, while helping my aunt pack some boxes, I found some ram in her house which she gave me. It turned out to be only 32 megs, but hey, every little bit helps! Now this computer has a whoppin' 160 megs of ram, woohoo!

mic check


is this thing on?

*tap tap*

Ahem. So after numerous hours of tedious installation, configuration, test...ation?, and expressation of my utter disregard for Perl, I believe we are up, running, and ready for action. woohoo! I haven't decided on a title or description of this blog, so for now blargg! will suffice. I still need to create a template for this, as I really don't like the one I'm using at the moment, but that will come with time. Other than that, I believe all systems are go.

In the words of Samuel L. Jackson in the movie Jurassic Park, "Hold on to your butts.."

[cue intro theme]