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a new record


Well this certainly was an exciting week. Too bad I don't remember any of it. Here's what I do remember. Tuesday at Billiards Club I got owned early on and was knocked out in an hour or two (which is pretty fast). Minh was on fire and made it down to the final two. He went in undefeated and ended up losing, making second place. That kinda sucks, especially since it ended some time past midnight and I ended up taking some dude home because the busses had stopped running by that time, putting me home by around 1am. Damn my helpful nature. The cool thing though is between Minh and I we have 7 hours of free pool at the Union, which we need to use somehow on Monday and/or Tuesday, haha. My cue is in town and will be delivered Monday, so I need to be sure to be home to receive it Monday so I'll have it for pool on Tuesday.

The Chapelle's Show dvd came out Tuesday and was sold out everywhere, and has been since then. I really wanted it too. Today I checked and the north Best Buy had it in stock, so I ordered it online for store pickup to ensure it'd be reserved for me, but by the time they processed my order (which was only about 30 mins), it was already sold out. Everywhere I go you can see the empty spot on the shelf where those dvds were. It's nuts and I'm growing ever more impatient. grr.

Thursday was wonderful. I had a project due Friday for Stats class, and I hadn't started so Thursday I met with my partner so we could divide up the work. I spent most of the day trying to gather the necessary info so I could do the project. After much pain and agony prodding through various census websites and voting records sites, I got all the necessary info. I had to work 5-10 that night, so during work I spent all my time working on the project. By the time 10pm rolled around, I was about halfway done with the project, so I packed up my junk and headed home. I pulled out of the garage and was headed down MLK when I noticed my car felt funky and the radio was acting extra jacked up. I shrugged it off and proceeded to curse at the radio for always being messed up, and for being extra messed up at that time. As I got toward Lamar I heard this weird sound which I thought was the car behind me. The radio had started to work again by that time so I could barely hear it and gave it no further thought. As I got to the light at MLK and Lamar the radio pretty much went out. It was at that time I heard the weird noise again, but there were no other cars around me. So I thought oh crap and drove a little more to hear the noise. It was at that time that I noticed this awful smell, which smelled like something burning out. By that time I was getting kinda worried, so I drove a little down Lamar and pulled into a Conoco. I turned off the car and all of a sudden everything locked up. The pedals wouldn't move, the steering wheel wouldn't turn, I couldn't change gears. It was freaky. I tried to turn the car back on and it made this awful sound and wouldn't start. I tried again and it stuttered a little, then barely started. This time the battery light was lit and the car was making that horrible sound again. So I turned it off and called my dad. He eventually made it out to get me. We had to leave the car there overnight so they could tow it to the mechanic in the morning. I finally got home at around 1am, and I still had to finish my project. I finally finished at around 4:45am. Since I didn't have a car, I had to carpool with my mom in the morning, so that meant I had to get up a little before 6:30. I worked all day Friday, going on 2 hours of sleep and no food. I came home yesterday at around 6, watched tv for a little while, then passed out, still having not eaten. I woke up at 6am, but since it was 6am, I just decided to go back to sleep, and ended up waking at around 11am today. So all in all I slept for about 16 hours and went without eating for about a day and a half. Awesome. Oh, and it turns out the alternator died in the car. It's fixed now, but the radio is still jacked up as usual.

This weekend I am going to spend all my time trying working on some projects I have going. That volleyball team T-shirt I am doing must be done by March 10th, which is only a week and a half away. Yay deadlines! It's kind of exciting though. Having deadlines makes me feel professional or something. Whatever. I got a new project to add to the list. Harry asked me to design a cd case and label for his upcoming demo cd which is plans to hand out at the GDC coming up. With that comes another deadline, woo! This one must be done around March 15th. I have a lot of ideas for that though. This coming week I'm gonna devote most of my time to brainstorming ideas for that design while trying to finish up the shirt design. If anyone knows a site with random templates in .psd or .ai form, particularly cd label templates, I'd really like to know.

I've been in a really artistic mood lately, mostly due to my deviantART addiction. I hope to start making some new crap to post on there. I think that'll have to wait until some of these projects are done though. Although, I should probably capitalize on my artsy mood and make stuff now. Hmmmm. I really need to invest in a tablet. A new computer would be nice too. Donations anyone? :)

moment of truth


I think I'm addicted to pearl milk teas. Monday afternoon I helped a friend from work with a website she was working on for some organization she's in. So anyway, after spending a few hours in the UGL, she insisted on buying me dinner to thank me for my help (even though I didn't really do anything). After a few mins of trying to figure out where to go, she suggested Coco's, which is this little restaurant on the Drag that sells Taiwanese food. I've been there a couple times but never actually eaten there, so I was like ok, sure. Having never eaten there she ordered for me and got me some beef noodle soup, green onion pancakes, and a pearl milk tea. The green onion thing was pretty good, especially considering I can't stand green onions. While I honestly think that beef was actually deer, it was good anyway. It did make me kinda sick afterward, but it's all good. Anyway, I've been craving another milk tea big time since then. Maybe I'll go get one tomorrow. Although, now that I think about it, the other times I went there I got a milk tea and I got sick. Hmm. Surely it's a coincidence.

As I mentioned a post or two ago, my friend Annie seriously wants to start a T-Shirt business with me doing the shirt designs. It sounds like a fun side job, so we've been brainstorming possible shirt design ideas, even though the whole thing won't happen for a long time. The interesting thing is that Friday at work I was asked to design a shirt for our staff volleyball team. I personally wanted to do a bowling team, but volleyball was the only sport that garnered enough interest for a full team. We'll be competing in the intermurals next month. It should be fun. Anyway, the point I was trying to make is that this T-shirt should be a great way to gain some experience for this possible T-shirt business. On top of that, it'll be so awesome to see people wearing a shirt I designed. I'm really excited about this shirt thing. I spent most of the weekend trying to get my ideas into Illustrator. I have 2 weeks to get this shirt done. I think that's when our first game is. Ooh the pressure!

Speaking of pressure, I was asked to design the new website for the new UT Billiards Club. While I love any opportunity for making a site, I think the projects are starting to pile up faster than I can get them out. I suppose it's my fault for taking on so many, but I see them all as great opportunities for experience. I really need to get moving on all these projects. As it stands now, I have to finish the control panel for Harry's site, Overhaul the IODINE site which is dire need of updating/repair and finish its control panel, finish up another friend's site, do the Billiards Club site, design a T-shirt, and sometime during all that make a real site for Antland. I suppose by the time everything is all said and done I'll have a decent portfolio. I might even have a life by then! Hey, I can dream.

While we're on the subject of billiards, I finally ordered a pool cue. I ended up going with this one, since it was the only design they had that didn't look stupid to me. It should ship within the next few days. I can't wait for it to get here.

And finally, for those paranoid about Big Brother, check this out. As you may or may not have heard, a portion of the Windows 2003 source code was leaked and is available for download all over the net. Apparently a guy at work heard about it and didn't believe it was true. So what did he do? To satisfy his curiosity, he decided to install Bit Torrent on one of the staff machines at work and proceeded to download the leaked code so he could see for himself that it was in fact real. Huge mistake. I don't know all the details, but from what I've heard so far, what happened next is kinda freaky. Apparently Micro$oft had been monitoring downloads of the leaked code and when they saw he had downloaded it, they notified UT's Internet Security department that a DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) violation had been launched from our staff machine, at which point ITS contacted our managers. After a little investigation, my coworker came forward about what he had done. Once he had been discovered, M$ gave him a friendly cease and desist letter. After about a week of meetings and phone calls between my managers and the powers that be, they had to fire the guy, or "let him go" as they put it. It kinda sucks because he was a good worker and a crucial member of the Tech Team. Not only that, he's not even a Windows user. Macs are his thing. Kinda funny how things work out. It really makes you think though. You never know who could be monitoring your downloads. So watch out kids!

the great blizzard of 2004


Wow, I can't believe it snowed! It wasn't the usual wannabe snow that falls for maybe a few minutes either, this was actual snow. The last time I remember it snowing for real was when I was about 4 years old and it snowed big time. It hasn't snowed like that here ever again, but early Saturday morning it snowed from about 1am to 2am, maybe a little before. It was cool because I went outside and several people around the neighborhood were outside playing with the snow and taking pictures. Mostly adults too, heh. The coolest part though was that aside from the people outside, it was dead silent. There wasn't a single car on the highway that runs near our neighborhood. On top of that, since there was all that snow in the air, it was so bright outside. All I could say was awesome. I couldn't find the camera though, so I didn't get any pics. I kinda wished I had. It's not often that it snows in Texas.

Speaking of Saturday, as you all know Saturday was Valentine's Day. Maybe it's just me, but I don't see why everyone gets so angry or depressed on Valentine's Day. Sure it's probably just another holiday created to sell more flowers, cards, or whatever. And sure I've had my share of bad/awkward Valentine's Day experiences, but it is just another day. I don't see any reason to get all worked up for nothing. The reason I bring all this up is because I frequent DeviantArt and all I see now are tons of anti-Valentine's Day art. While I'm not for or against the idea of Valentine's Day (although it would be nice to have someone to spend it with), I'm really getting tired of all this art showing up when I want to see other stuff. People need to just grow up and quit their whining. Life is what you make it, so think positive and quit your complaining.

My Valentine's Day was spent at Eddie's burning stuff to DVDs. How awesome is that? I was supposed to go to a girl from work's apartment to help her with a website, but I ran kinda late at Eddie's and didn't leave until around 4am. I should have gone to her place first (-_-). Stupid me.



Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this in my last entry. Apparently Emperor Hirohito (the Japanese emperor during World War II) is a distant relative of mine. See for yourself.

The resemblance is uncanny! You do the math.

Props to Doug for discovering my long lost heritage. What do you think?

After reading a brief biography of Emperor Hirohito, I found a funny coincidence. His mother's name was Sadako, which just happens to be the alias I often go by in TFC. And in case you're wondering, I use that name because it's the name of the girl in Ringu (the original version of The Ring. Japanese movie of course).

life is a beautiful thing

Aside from my particularly lame Thursday, it's been a cool week. My dvd burner arrived Wednesday, but my dumb sister didn't answer the door when the FedEx guy came to deliver it, so they took it back with them. Thankfully they made their second delivery attempt on Wednesday, and I skipped class to ensure that I'd get my burner. Sure enough the FedEx guy came and I got my burner. I don't have any dvdr's to burn because they're expensive and I haven't gotten around to buying any. I have made a few test cds and vcds and it seems to work fine. Once I buy a pack of dvdrs I can burn off some of the excess junk on my hard drive and try copying a dvd or two.

I went to Billiards Club again Tuesday night. I ended up being there for about 5 hours thanks to my mad skillz. Round 1 I played a new guy who wasn't good at all. Easy win there. Round 2 I played a guy was pretty good. The whole reason I started going there was because my friend Minh from work (aka the AppDev Team Leader™) has been going for a while and got me into going. I usually use his cue when playing, but during game 2 Minh was already playing in a game himself, so I had to use a house cue, which sucked a lot. I was losing bad in game 2, but thankfully Minh lost his game and brought his cue over for me to use. Once I got the good cue, it was all me. I ended up winning off a break, giving me another round win. I kinda felt bad for winning like that. The guy seemed a little in disbelief, because at first he said you can't win off a break. We checked with the officers and once he found out he was wrong, he had kind of a blank face. Round 3 I played a guy who at first seemed good, then went cold. For a while he thought I was hustling him because I went on a nice streak running the table. After every shot of mine he'd say out loud HUSTLER! It was kinda funny. I'm nowhere near good enough to hustle anyone, I just get lucky sometimes. The funny thing is at the end I screwed up a shot on the 8, giving him ball in hand with the and 8 and 9 next to the corner pocket. My first loss of the night, woo. After what seemed like forever I finally got to play round 4. I played a new guy who was really nice. At first he played kinda sloppy so I didn't think much of him. But every now and then he'd make some amazing shots, so it had me wondering the whole game. By that time though it was already really late and I was hungry, so I was playing kinda sloppy too, in hopes that I'd lose and get to finally go home. I blew an easy shot on the 9 giving him the win. I wasn't too sad since I was overcome by fatigue and hunger. I had a good time, but I ended up being there from 6:30 to 11:30ish. Waaaay too long if you ask me, especially since I worked at 8am the following morning. I'm gonna buy a pool cue either this week or next, so I don't have to keep mooching off Minh. I kinda like this one and want to buy it, but I'd feel like a retard using it. I'll probably just get the same one Minh has since it's the only generic one I like. The funny part is Minh gets knocked out his first two games every week, even though he's really good and plays way more than me. I just checked and I'm ranked 14 (out of 52), so that's pretty cool. Minh is ranked 36, hehe.

For those who were wondering about my previous sad post, this is a rough breakdown of my Thursday. I had to wake up earlier than usual because I was supposed to cover for someone at work. That was the pebble that would create an avalanche. I woke up late, so I was in a hurry to leave. As I was backing the car out of the garage, Sam started to walk near the car, so I was looking all over as I was backing out to make sure I didn't run over him. I was so busy watching out for Sam that I didn't notice I was backing out crooked, and I ended up breaking the left rear-view mirror on the car door. It didn't break off completely, but now it's hanging on by a thread and it wobbles like crazy while I'm driving. Since it's broken I can't use it to see behind me while driving, so I have to be extra careful when changing lanes. On the way to UT, the left speaker in the car kept going in and out, adding a great deal to my rage. I managed to barely make it to campus on time, and as I was closing the car door, the wind blew it shut. I tried to grab it and in the process the door bent my thumb back really hard. It hurt for the rest of the day and the following day. It still feels kinda bruised inside. At work, thanks to a particularly incompetent coworker, I ended up having to stay late, making me 30 mins late to class, at which the professor gave a speech about coming to class on time after I walked in. The only other bad thing about that day was that Thursdays are the day I close at work, meaning I work until 10pm, thus putting me home at around 10:30. To make matters worse, I have to be at work at 8am. Compound this with homework and you get a very tired Ant on Friday morning, running off 4 hours of sleep. No fun.

In work news, things are finally slowing down enough that I can start focusing on my own work projects. My boss told me I can start doing some Photoshop and Illustrator work, which is great. I've been meaning to learn Illustrator for a while, but it's really funky and never had the patience to sit down and figure it out. Now I can fiddle with it at work and get paid for it! What a sweet deal.

Speaking of work, my friend Annie doesn't like her current job working at some website that sells baby products/toys, and she's been asking for my help in starting our own online store. She's been talking about this for a while, and at first I wasn't all that interested (sorry Annie) mostly because I don't think I'll have much trouble finding a job after college (but then again you never know), but after talking about it with her, it sounds like a cool side job. As I said, she's been talking about this for a while, with me as the person who handles the site aspect and some of the artistic duties, and her handling the business duties as well as the rest of the artistic side. We had been talking about possible products to sell, catering to Japanophiles such as ourselves. The ideas ranged everywhere from cds/dvds, to food, to calligraphy, to T-shirts. The T-shirt idea was the one that stuck, as it's relatively easy to make T-shirt designs and it doesn't involve importing stuff from Japan. None of this will be happening any time soon, so I have at least a year to think about it and plan. I guess the question now is does anyone know anything about getting T-shirts made? I think it'd be pretty cool to see people wearing shirts with my designs on them. It could be fun.

(don't you love these 5 page entries?)