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the clock is ticking



Well, sort of. These past two weeks have been crazy and I can't remember everything that happened since last post, but I'll give it my best shot. I finished the cd case design for Harry's demo cd. I'm pretty happy with the result and I hope he is too because it's too late to change it now. ;) Even though it was tough at times, I had a blast making it and I learned a good deal in the process. I'm thankful he gave me the opportunity to do a project like this. It's out of my hands now, for the most part, so all I can do now is wish him luck at the Game Developers Conference and hope he gets rich so I don't have to tap the whiteboard every time he asks me for something (inside joke). He (or we) still have to get all the printing details sorted out, but for the most part it's all done. If anyone cares I'll post some pics of it later, once everything is all said and done.

I missed the volleyball team t-shirt deadline. Twice. Now I absolutely must finish it by this weekend because our first game is sometime next week. I'm kinda worried about this design because I'm all out of ideas on what do make. My original idea just isn't working, so I think it's best if I just start over from scratch. On top of that, I'm using Illustrator instead of Photoshop to design it, and since I'm new to Illustrator, it's going to be a slow process. Gotta keep hopeful though. Everyone is depending on me for this shirt design. woo.

Speaking of volleyball, we had our first practice this past Thursday. I had a blast. It was pretty obvious we were quite inexperienced at the game, but it was all in good fun. One thing is for sure though, it left me bruised and sore afterward. I may be skinny guy, but I never realized how out of shape I am. My legs are still a little sore a week later. I can't wait for our next practice!

Oh yeah, an update on the "problem employee." So I mentioned last post that I had been getting a lot of complaints about a certain coworker. I also mentioned that I was going to email my manager about it the following day. Well, I wrote a lengthy email explaining the situation and my thoughts on how to try and help this person improve. So I sent that email Friday just before my morning shift ended. Then I went to class and came back for my afternoon shift. From what I heard, it sounds like the person in question got a stern talking to in response to my email, but I didn't get any official word from my managers for a few days. So finally several days later (I think it was Wednesday) my manager calls me into his office to have a word with me. So I have a seat in his office and he goes over some info on some projects we have going. Then he gives me an update on the employee in question. First he talks about my email, saying how he was impressed with the depth to which I gave in both my description of the problem and the suggestions for how to deal with it. Then he tells me what their final decision is. She's fired. I was shocked. Basically he said that she just wasn't working out, despite having worked there for a long time (longer than most of us). A part of me feels a little guilty for her being fired, but at the same time I can't really feel bad. She brought it upon herself and I did what I had to do. The funny thing is just before my manager called me in to give me the news, she called the desk saying she wasn't going to make her afternoon shift, but that she would be there for her morning shift. She never showed up. On top of that, she got coverage for Thursday and Friday, and now that we're on Spring Break I don't think she knows yet that she's been fired. I'm just glad I'm not the one who has to tell her. Oh, and officially I am the only person aside from my managers who knows that she is to be fired. I really want to spread the word though. Such juicy info mustn't be kept secret! At any rate, now I have to go pick through the most recent applicants to find potential new hires. Ugh, I hate hiring new people. Although, interviewing them is devlish fun. >:D Too bad scheduling is such a pain. :|

In other random news, I broke my Amazon boycott and dropped $150 on the last two Dieselboy CDs I don't have, the Kurosawa Criterion Collection DVD box set, and the Chapelle's Show Season 1 DVD (since it's still sold out everywhere). Booo to Amazon for having stuff I want. /me shakes his fist at Amazon.

Ok, I'm too tired to write any more. I'll pick up the rest of this entry later. See ya.

I wish you knew how it could feel to be me


Woohoo! My cue arrived Monday afternoon, just in time for Billiards Club on Tuesday. It felt so nice to use a smooth, brand new cue as opposed to the jagged house cues at the Union. Mark can vouch for me, since he just happened to be there to witness my new cue in action. At Billiards Club I did pretty well. The cue makes a big difference. I didn't make the finals or anything, but I did better than usual, which I can only attribute to the cue. Of course, it's probably all psychological, but whatever. There's a tournament at A&M this Saturday. I'm not sure if I'm gonna go since they start signup at 8am, and it costs $15. Not to mention it's A&M..

Moving on. In project news, it's crunch time. I have a shirt deadline next week, and I haven't really made any new progress on it since the initial attempt. The week after that I need to finish Harry's cd case/label. I made a super rough preview of what idea I had in mind for the cover. He seemed to like the idea I was toying with, so I guess I can keep going with it. The future of his career kinda hangs on this, so I don't want to jack it up. It would be nice if I could just drop out of school for a week or two to finish this stuff, but that would be incredibly bad. Now billiards club is taking ideas for a T-shirt design. I'm not sure if I'm gonna get in on that unless I have time (which I don't). They'd need it by Tuesday, so unless I can manage to squeeze a design out this weekend, it's not really an option. A local band named Subcore, which I receive emails from, is having a contest to design the cd cover for their upcoming album. Back when they were Eighth Ground (they weren't actually, but for the purpose of this post I'm saying they were. long story) they had a similar contest which I entered. This was back when I didn't know jack about design or Photoshop, so my entry was craptacular and, as you may have guessed, wasn't picked. They were nice enough though to send me a copy of the album as a gift for entering. Anyway, it's the same deal this time around, except more is at stake. I only skimmed the email but apparently the winner of the contest gets a signed copy of the album, credits in the cd jacket, tickets to the release party, and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember. Oh, they'll also redesign their website to match your design. That's pretty cool. The deadline is April 1. I'm seriously thinking of entering. This could be my chance to start making a name for myself. I have a lot of other stuff on my plate right now though, so I'm not sure if now is the time. Then again, this may be an opportunity I don't want to pass up. So many decisions, so little time.

In work news, I'm really getting stressed out as of late. A certain coworker of mine has really been screwing up lately at work, and pretty much every day now I get complaints about this person from various other coworkers in other teams. This has been going on for a while, but this week the volume of complaints increased significantly and it's time to take some serious action. The bad thing is that since this person is in my subteam, I'm the one responsible for initiating a course of action. The thing is, I'm a pretty laid back kind of guy, and I really don't know how to approach this situation. This has been hanging over my head all week, and tomorrow is the day I plan on dropping the bomb. I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, but it ain't gonna be pretty. Calgon take me away.