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won't you take me to funky town

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So yeah here's my post, a little late. ;) Anyway, The semester has ended and I'm enjoying my time off. Summer session starts June 3rd and I go back to work June 1st, so I guess I don't have too much of a break, but I'll make the most of it. So far I've been playing a lot of pool and going out to eat a lot, and I'll probably be doing a lot more of both. I have a load of movies I need to watch and return to Minh, as well as watch all of the movies I've had for a long time and never watched. Needless to say, I have plenty to keep me busy. Aside from all that, I have made it my mission to finish all the sites I've started by the end of the summer. It's my hope that come August I'll have one kick ass portfolio of work that I can show off for potential jobs and whatnot. Seems easy enough, but knowing me it's going to be a big battle to make my August deadline. Hmm, I should probably get to work real soon.

Did I mention I like sushi? Last week I went out to eat sushi at Fujiyama with a couple friends. I was a little worried about it at first because that place used to be Kyoto II, and that's what I wanted but when we got there it became apparent that it was no longer Kyoto II. It looked the same inside and everything, but the menu was way different and they didn't have the food I was really wanting. We tried it anyway and tried most of the sushi on the menu plus some other foods they had. All in all the sushi was wonderful, as noted by our $110 bill (there were 3 of us). Tried a lot of stuff for the first time, including octopus, squid, and sea urchin sushi (blech). The moral of the story: if anyone wants to go eat sushi sometime, hit me up because I'm dying for some more. That, and don't eat sea urchin.

Earlier this week Shawn told me that Edge of Reality, the game company at which he works, was hiring scripters for summer internships and that I should apply. I was kinda hesitant about applying but I figured I may not get an opportunity like this again, so I went ahead and applied. I never heard back from them, so I guess that means it's a no go, heh. Minh applied, interviewed, and I bet will get hired, so that's one more friend who works there that can help me get my foot in the door. >:) Hopefully by that time I'll have finished all my web projects and that'll impress them or anyone enough to hire me for some cool job.

The other day after work, Tim and I went bowling at the Union. It was kinda cool and weird because we were the only people bowling at the time, and it was really quiet in there. I did pretty good the first two games, totally owning Tim in the process. ;) Game 1 I scored 142, game 2 144, and game 3 I scored an embarrassingly low 99, which I attribute to fatigue and the battle damaged ball I was using which had chunks missing out of it (made a cool sound going down the lane though). I mostly blame it on my bowler's thumb, which I get every time I bowl, characterized by the broken blood vessel in my thumb which causes it to swell a little and hurt a lot. Whatever the reason, I want to start bowling more often, so if anyone is interested, drop me a line.

Last night I saw Shrek 2, it was pretty sweet. I didn't care much for the first, so I didn't have much expectations for the second, but I was surprised. The cat, Puss 'n Boots totally stole the show. Go check it out!

Since a lot of people (ok, not a lot, only like 3) have been complaining that I don't post often enough, I'm gonna have 7 days of posts. I'll probably start that Monday unless something suddenly comes up.

All that talk about sushi made me hungry.



This is where the entry would be if I hadn't stayed up all late playing TFC. My bad yoz. The bad thing is I have to get up in like 4 hours for work. So assuming I survive tomorrow, check back here for the real post.

light as a feather


Wow, I feel as if a great burden has been lifted off my shoulders. Friday was the last day of classes and I feel great. I still have work and finals all next week and part of the week after, but none of that matters anymore. I'm just so glad that finally this semester is over and I can start sleeping somewhat normally again. I probably shouldn't sleep too easy just yet, as I have a killer Anthropology final Wednesday, Stats final Friday, and a killer Gov final Saturday. But after that I'm free! I'm definitely looking forward to this summer. I'll be working, taking a cool Psych class, and bumming around any other time. I can't wait. Maybe finally I can finish up all the sites I've been working on. I've neglected them for far too long.

Friday at work we had our yearly presentation to the main guy who runs the place where I work. It was probably the worst timing ever, since everyone was so exhausted after a long week, especially since it being the last week and day of classes. It went well though. Afterward we had our usual pizza party and games. After that me, Tim, and Bilal went bowling in the Union. I haven't bowled in probably a couple years, so I wasn't expecting to do too well. My first game I scored 152, which is pretty good for having not played in so long. Since I know he'll read this, I just want to make it known that I totally owned Tim too. ;) I think my record is like 156 or 160-something. Game 2 I tanked and got some embarrassingly low score (around 109), but game 3 I came back a little with 133 or so. I forgot how much I love bowling. I need to start playing more regularly again like we did freshman year. My arm is all sore though from Friday. Damn I'm out of shape.

Oh, and as you can probably tell from my last entry, I got the Last Samurai dvd (the right one finally) and it's awesome and you should buy it because you should do everything I tell you to do anyway. It seems like just yesterday that I saw the sneak preview of it.

Happy Mother's Day! Give your mom a hug, or at least a dollar. :)

jean-luck pickerd

Today I bought the Last Samurai dvd, but in my excitement I didn't pay attention to the one I grabbed. It wasn't until I got home and was about to open it that I realized it was the full-screen version. To make things worse, I got home a few mins before 9pm, which is when Best Buy closes. So now I have to wait until tomorrow to go return it and get the widescreen edition. I'm so sad, I was really looking forward to watching it tonight. stupid me. -_- It's probably for the best though. I have a paper due Thursday on a book I haven't read. Not to mention the fact that I've gotten maybe 7 hours of sleep in the past 3 days. My stats project took so long I got 1 hour of sleep Sunday night. woo. I'm tired.

I've had this stuck in my head all day. Enjoy! Yes, I watched too much Star Trek as a kid.

the calm before the chaos


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What an odd feeling. Monday I registered for the last two classes I'll ever take. I have a total of three classes left (one writing component, and two psych), but I'm taking one of the psych classes during the summer, leaving the other two for the fall semester. I have mixed emotions about it all though. One the one hand, it's a relief that I have just one more semester left, then I'll be done with all the pointless, stupid required classes. I'll be done with tests, homework, papers, quizzes, and all that garbage. On the other hand though I'm really gonna miss UT. I can't imagine life away from it all. I guess I should be glad I still have a semester left. I love psychology, so that class should be fun. As for the writing component, it's called 'Intro to Web Development' so it should be easy as hell. The part that really caught my eye was the part in the class description that said, "Familiarity with keyboard recommended." rofl awesome. So 6 hours of class and part time work should make for a relaxing final semester. I'm thinking of taking another class just for fun, like photography or studio art. Or perhaps piano. I've always wanted to take that.

Speaking of work, the Flash expert I hired this semester is graduating, which means I have to learn Flash now to help pick up the slack in his absence. So I guess all my sites from now on will be all Flash with retarded 10 min splash screens and crappy music. haha yeah right. It's a mixed blessing really. I would like to learn Flash just to say I know it, even though I am rather anti-Flash, as it is horribly misused 99% of the time. It's a good skill to have, even if it is evil.

The other day at work we figured out that me and two of my coworkers were all in the same CS class back in the Fall of 2000, and now here we are three and a half years later all working at the same place, all having dropped out of CS. One is now a Sociology major, the other a Finance major, and me the Japanese major. Kinda funny how paths cross like that.

With one more week left of classes, the pressure is on. Tomorrow I have to go over to the Rec Sports Center on campus to shoot hundreds of freethrows for a retarded stats project that's due Monday. Thursday I have a paper due for Anthropology on a book I don't have yet. After all that is done, the joy that is finals begins. I'm not really worried about the finals except for the Anthropology one, since that was one of the most boring classes ever and the professor mostly just spouted off long lists of words and crap the entire semester. I really need to pass that class. :|

In conclusion, and on a totally unrelated note, I managed to get a gmail account! (That's Google Mail for you slow peeps.) It's only in the Beta stage right now, so it's not open the public. The only way to get an account at this point is to get invited by someone who has one already. Thanks to Harry I am now one of the elite few, hehehe. And for fear bots harvesting my email for spam purposes, I will only say that my address is fhqwhgads at gmail. You do the math. For those who don't know wth fhqwhgads is, shame on you. I'm out.