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I <3 weekends

The best weekends are the ones where you don't do anything whatsoever. This was one of the most unproductive weekends I've had in a long time and I loved every minute of it. Saturday I woke up at 1:30, which felt so incredibly good. After I got up, I played Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball for most of the day, added a blargg entry, then went to have dinner with Melvin at Chili's. We hung out for a while & had a good time. I got the Presidente margarita, which I'm now hooked on and will never get anything else from now on. Afterward, I came home, chilled to some dnb, and played more DoA Vball. Sunday I woke up at 2:30, which again, felt awesome. I grabbed some food, chilled to more dnb, got a Mocha Moolatte from Dairy Queen (which was damn good and I'm now hooked on those too), then came home to play more DoA Vball. And here I am now, putting off sleep for as long as I can by typing a useless blargg entry because as soon as I go to sleep, it'll be time for to get up for work, beginning another 5 days of no sleep waking up at 7:30am. Why can't weekends be 3 days long?

pass the giggle water

Remember kids, drinking and driving is bad!

Having tried it Thursday night, I feel compelled to pass the message along not to ever try it. My boss and my other boss are getting married in a couple weeks and the bachelor party is this weekend. He's in New Orleans to celebrate, and as such, he left yesterday morning, meaning he and one of my other bosses wasn't going to be at work. As such, all of us went down to 6th street to celebrate Thursday night. I didn't really want to go, as I find 6th street boring and I don't like noisy bars, but I went anyway because everyone wanted me to go. We all went to Logan's had some drinks and shots. I tried to take it easy, but everyone kept buying me drinks and I kept reluctantly accepting. It was particularly bad because I ate a very light dinner just before, and I was dead tired having gotten the usual 4 hours of sleep. Anyway, it was kinda fun. I finally left at around 12:30am and since I drove there, I had to drive back. It was one of the poorest judgement calls I've ever made and I knew so doing it, but I did it anyway. Fortunately I wasn't drunk enough to be a serious danger to myself or others, but if I had gotten pulled over I might have been in trouble. I was mostly just kinda woozy and I had some trouble focusing my eyes, but other than that I was able to drive fine, it just required a little more concentration than usual. It mainly just bothered me that I let myself get into that situation in the first place. The funny part though was that the next morning, everyone showed up an hour late to work and was a zombie the whole day. I woke up an hour and a half late, and as I was on my way to work, I got a phone call from my boss. I was thinking "oh crap, he's probably wondering where I am." As it turned out, he was just calling to let me know that if I got to work any time soon, I wouldn't be able to get in because no one was there at the time so the door is locked. I got to work at 9:50 and everyone showed up at 10, so it worked out pretty well. I had a surprisingly productive day despite being the tiredest I've ever been in my life. I finally called it quits at 3:30 and came home and passed out for 4 hours, only to wake up and still feel extremely tired. Now I remember why I was against drinking for so long.

It's amazing how quickly I can learn new things, considering how poorly I did in high school and college. The past couple of days at work there hasn't been much for me to do because I'm waiting on a couple clients to email me back with the content they want to go on their sites. So, in order to keep me busy, my boss gave me a crash course in ASP .NET as well as SQL. I'm already familiar with SQL, but I've never actually done it, so it was quite the learning experience. Being so used to PHP, the whole .NET environment is quite foreign to me and it took some time for me to get familiar with everything. On top of that, I had to do a little database stuff along with it, so I was basically learning two things at once. It didn't help that I was dead tired, having only gotten 4 hours of sleep and it being kind of hectic at work. I'd still rather be coding in PHP, but .NET is hot right now and it's definitely good to know, so I'm glad I'm learning it. Today I managed to code a simple form that inserts the data into a database. It's really simple and easy to do, but having never touched .NET code or SQL before, I was happy to have done even that. Tomorrow I have to finish off the other 7 forms that are on the site after setting up all the necessary tables. I'm going from one baby step to one giant leap for Ant-kind. At this rate I'll be a .NET/SQL expert by Friday, heh. I'm earning a reputation around the office of being able to very quickly pick up new stuff and apply it well. I don't, in any way, consider myself a genius, but the people at work seem to think so, since I get called that a lot it seems. I guess that's good, I just hope they don't start piling stuff on me. This is all great experience though, so I don't mind, yet anyway.

PS: Big thanks to Tim for giving me In Sides by Orbital a while back. I recently started listening to it again and I'm liking it a lot more this time around. It's been my coding music at work for the past couple days. :)


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Are you tired of waiting for me to update this thing? Well here's something to pass the time while you wait:

Nanaca Crash!

It's a very addicting flash game where you crash your bike into some guy and try to knock him into other characters down the road. It's all in Japanese, but it's easy to figure out even if you aren't awesome enough to read Japanese. Basically just click and hold to choose the angle of impact, then let go to select the desired power amount and send the guy flying. I've had this for a couple months but kept forgetting to mention it thanks to my host being lame and my general lack of updates. Play it a few times and you'll get the hang of it, if not, message me and I'll explain. It'll also be linked on the side from now on for quick access. Enjoy!

hooray for getting off work early!

It's amazing what one less hour of work is worth. There wasn't really much to do today at work and at around 4pm I had to ftp all the files off our old webserver onto our new webserver. There were so many files though that it was going to take 4-7 hours to do so. I couldn't really do anything else while it was going so they let me go home early. So I left at 4 instead of the usual 5 or 5:30, and hopped into the usual traffic hell that greets me every day after work. Traffic was much crappier than usual today because any time so much as a drop of water touches the street, people suddenly have to drive 20 miles slower and have wrecks every few miles. There were a total of 5 wrecks on my way home, which does wonders for traffic. But regardless of all that, it felt awesome to get home at 5pm. As soon as I got home, I changed and took a nice 3 hour nap. When I woke up though, my arms were dead. I literally couldn't move them for like 5 minutes. But who cares, I got off work early! What a difference an hour makes. :)

This weekend was awesome, mainly beacuse I didn't do anything whatsoever. Saturday I slept in until 1pm (which felt awesome) and then bummed around at home all day. I didn't even leave the house except to go to Best Buy to return the Half Baked dvd I bought because I stupidly grabbed the dvd without looking at it when I bought it and it turned out to be the full screen version, not the widescreen. After I got home I watched the extras for that, then watched Super Troopers, which was pretty funny. I stayed up all night playing TFC and finally went to bed at 7am. Sunday I woke up at 3:30pm (which also felt awesome) then got up and had to help my dad with lame yard work for a bit, then came back to my room and bummed for the rest of the day. It was the most unproductive and relaxing weekend I've had in a long time. I just wish I could do that every day.