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live from the stage

TEAM SLEEP @#(*&$@ ROCKED!!!!!11

Easily one of the best shows I've been to. Team Sleep rocked the house and rocked my world last night. I got to Emo's at around 8pm when they had just started letting people in. Had I known I was gonna have to wait around forever, I would've gotten there much later. I stood around for a good hour or so waiting patiently for Team Sleep and hoping I'd see anyone I knew there at the show. As luck would have it, Larry and Jeff, two of my old coworkers showed up around 9 and we chatted it up a bit until about 9:30 when I decided to head into the main room to hear the opening act (forgot their name). They weren't bad. I only heard their last song and then they were done and everyone piled in for Team Sleep. I, along with everyone else, thought that TS would play shortly after the opening band. Unfortunately that wasn't the case, and after a good 30 or 40 mins, they finally made their way on stage. Normally I don't mind the wait, but it was so damn hot in there I felt like I was gonna pass out at one point from heat exhaustion. All was forgiven once the band appeared and the crowd was ready for action. The opened with Your Skull is Red; not my favorite song off the album, but a good enough opener. Following that, they played Iceache (aka Bling Bling), a song they released a demo of a long time ago, which didn't make it on their album. I thought that was pretty cool that they played it, as it was one of my favs back when the whole Team Sleep thing was a new idea and there were only a few low-quality live songs by them floating around the internet. Next they played Ever (Foreign Flag), which I thought would be their opening song. Then they played a song I've never heard before which I don't really remember, followed by Our Ride to the Rectory; another song I'm not crazy about. After that was Blvd. Nights, which is one of my favs and was pretty awesome live. After that was another song I hadn't heard before, followed by King Diamond, which was probably the best part of the show. King Diamond is already a weird song, and I wondered how it'd work without the female vocals, but it kicked all ass and after singing (screaming) a couple lines from it, Chino broke into some rap/hip hop song I've heard before but can't remember the name of. Whatever it was, it fit perfectly to the King Diamond music, making it the highlight of the night. Then I think there was either another unknown song or Ataraxia, followed by a crazy drum solo with loud electronic noises screeching over it. It was pretty cool and energetic. All of the band left the stage during that part, so everyone thought the show was over. Lots of people made their way out of the room. Suckers. After the wacky drum solo, the band came back on stage and played Live From the Stage, which just happens to be my fav song on the album, finishing off the night with a bang. One of the funnier moments during the show was Chino telling the sound guy to make him sound like Beyonce, then getting pissed at him for ignoring him and not turning up his mic, to which Chino gave him the finger. Another cool part, though not really related to Team Sleep, was that before TS came on stage, they were playing random songs in the background, one of which was 93 'Til Infinity by Souls of Mischief, which I just happened to be listening to yesterday. Another cool unrelated thing was there was a Hieroglyphics sticker on the exit door. It was a nice touch. So, despite the crazy heat and long wait, Team Sleep put on a hell of a show and played pretty much all my favorite songs except Ever Since WWI (my second fav song on the album. originally called Natalie Portman). Lots of people were yelling for them to play Mercedes, yet another song that didn't make it on the album, but to no avail. It's too bad too, it's a good song. I was also really hoping they'd do their remix of The Aeroplane Flies High by Smashing Pumpkins. Had they played that, I would have died and gone to heaven; my life complete. My only regret was that I forgot my camera and my cd, so I didn't get any pics or Chino's autograph. :'(

Now to change gears completely. Today I bought the Team America: World Police unrated/uncensored DVD. Even though that movie is funny as hell, when you see the parts they cut from the theatrical release, you'll say aw god wtf. It's so wrong I won't even mention it here, you'll just have to see for yourself. Good buy though. :)

team sleep!


It's been a while since I posted to this thing so I figured I should since so many people have been bugging me about it. (Lots of pics coming up) Let's see... Oh, last Friday the server that Antland is on was attacked by a new type of virus dealy in which any time a page was requested on the server, instead of serving that page, it would instead give the requestor another page that would install several viruses on their computer. I wouldn't have known except that I just happen to check blargg while I was at work. Much to my surprise, the second I loaded the page, I noticed it was not blargg, then Norton AntiVirus started detecting and deleting viruses like crazy. I was freaking out, as I didn't know what was going on. I thought maybe my site had been hacked or something but when I FTP'ed into my account I saw that all my files were there and intact. After reading up on the forums for my host, I saw that everyone on that server was having the same problem. I was pretty pissed, but mostly afraid that any one of my loyal readers might get hit when trying to visit blargg. Fortunately only was affected, and all my other sub-sites just returned a 404. The problem was eventually resolved (some 12 hours later) and I hope none of you got any viruses. If you did, please let me know.

Hmm, what else. Oh yeah, got some new DVDs, woo. Actually, it was only one, I got the Reno 911 Season 1 DVD. Good stuff, I can't wait for the season 2 DVD. Chappelle's Show Season 2 DVD comes out I think next week. I'll be all over that. While I was at Best Buy (waiting for my parents to finish up buying a new HDTV, DVD player, and entertainment center, I figured why stop with Reno 911, so I got the MegaMan Anniversary Collection which has MegaMan 1-8 and 2 arcade MegaMan games. It also has a lot of extras, but you have to unlock them, which I haven't done. Regardless, it's a great piece of nostalgia, especially if you love MegaMan like I do. It's kinda weird playing those old games on the xbox though. I also got the HD pack for the xbox so I can play my games in HD on the big tv. I have yet to do that though.

It feels good to be making money again, and now that I'm steadily building up some income, it's nearing time I build myself a new computer. I have some bills to pay first, so that hinders things a little. I was so happy I got a $502 tax return, however, over $400 of that was put toward car repairs. As you may or may not know, I few months ago I bought Ting's old car, a '97 Honda Accord. Had I known it was a lemon, I probably wouldn't have bought it (jk Ting ;)). The brakes were pretty jacked up though, as noted by the expensive brake job. It's great having a non-sucky car though. I don't miss the gimpmobile at all. Now I just gotta rice out my Accord. :)

The Gimpmobile (old, crappy car)

New Car

Hopefully my car will look like this eventually ;)

Last week I got a sweet ceiling fan, check it out, it has acrylic blades and a blue neon light:


It was difficult getting it though. We actually ordered it over a month ago from Home Depot. They said they were out of stock at the time so we got a rain check and they were going to call us when they got more in. Well, apparently they weren't ever going to get them in so we finally asked for the display one. We already got a nice discount on it from the start, then since it was the display, we got more of a discount, making it cost only $100. It took a little nudging though for them to give us the display but as you can see, we got it. It's kinda cool to just have the blue light on at night. It makes my eyes do weird things though. Now my room is almost like an arcade.

Last week I got the new Team Sleep album. It's amazing. For those who don't know, the deftones are my fav band ever, and Team Sleep is Chino (the lead singer from deftones)'s side project. It's kinda different from deftones stuff, in that it has more of an electronic and experimental element to it, but it's good stuff. Reminds me a little of Smashing Pumpkins at times. Anyway, I'm going to see them this Wednesday at Emo's on 6th Street. Anyone want to go? :D

And in closing, this past Friday was like Christmas. At work we got a brand new server from Dell, so me and my coworker were put in charge of setting it up since we were the ones gunning for a new server to begin with. We ordered the server on Tuesday and had been waiting for it ever since. When we saw that the package was in transit on Friday, we got very excited. Any time the door to our office opened, we immediately listened to hear if it was our server. When it finally came, we tore it open and immediately began setting it up. Neither of us had ever seen or used Windows Server 2003 so it was a new experience for both of us. Despite that, we got it up and running and got Exchange working for the most part. We just have to finish setting up Exchange mail and messaging and we'll be set. It was a lot of fun and a great way to end the week. I'd love to bring that thing home, it's a P4 2.8ghz with 512mb ram (soon to be 2 gigs) and 2 80 gig hard drives. Man I can't wait to build my next computer. Shouldn't be too far away.

Oh, one more thing. While looking at a friend's website, I got the idea to keep a list of my DVDs, so if you're interested in what I own, you can see it here. I also added a permanent link to it in the sidebar.