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mighty robots, mighty vehicles


Transformers Binaltech!I've had my eye on some STi (my dream car, for those who are slow) Transformers for a while. Melvin first told me about them and showed me the one he has and after looking them up on the intarweb, I soon found out that there were several available. Last month I finally broke down and ordered them from Hong Kong off a cool toy website I found while looking for mini RC cars. The Transformers are from Japan and are part of a series called Binaltech. Upon browsing the site I found that they had both the police car STi, called Alert, and the rally car, called Smokescreen, so I just had to order both. They arrived a few weeks ago and now decorate my desk along with several of my other toys. They're pretty sweet, especially because they're die cast, so they're relatively heavy and feel more durable. They take FOREVER to transform, especially into car form. Alert comes with a police woman named Ai, who I guess is from the comics/anime. I was pretty amazed by how detailed they are compared to the old Transformers I had as a kid. Both cars have working doors, hood, trunk, and wheels that turn together. Even cooler, Ai can actually sit inside Alert as if she's driving, since they both include seats, shifting knob, and a steering wheel. If only I had these kind of Transformers as a kid.