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farewell friend


If you have read my other blog recently, you'd know that my cat Sam had been sick for the past month, but seemed to be recovering. For those who haven't read already, he had an infection that started in his mouth and spread to his throat and lungs. He had been on antibiotics for a couple weeks and last weekend the vet said his infection was gone. So then yesterday, he had dental work done so prevent future infections and prevent any more tooth loss. After the dental work, he was quite traumatized and hid in my sister's closet all day and didn't eat. Last night he came out but didn't eat and was breathing funny. This morning when I left for work he was laying there half asleep, still wheezing. I didn't come home from work today since Men-Hui is in town and wanted to hang out and then I stayed at Kenneth's for the rest of the night with the gang. I came home at around midnight and found my dad still awake, watching tv. As I walked in, he says he has some bad news. "We lost Sam." I was so shocked I didn't know what to say, but I asked my dad when it happened. He said it happened at around 5pm, but was too choked up at that point to say anything else (which is rare for my dad). I was and still am at a loss for words. He was the best cat ever and really was like a cat version of me. We were so relieved to see him get better last week and then this happens. He would have been 11 years old next week. Such a tragic end to an otherwise great day. Fortunately I have tons of pictures of him we have taken over the years, such as the one below that I took for a photography class project my last semester at UT. The quality kind of sucks because it's a scan of a slide, but it's my favorite picture of him. He will be missed.


new tv!

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We've had this giant Pioneer 59" widescreen HD DLP for a few years and in the past few months it's been randomly going out and then won't turn back on for hours afterward. We've contacted Best Buy about it numerous times, but every time they come out to check it out, the tv is working fine, so they can't do anything to remedy the problem. In recent months it's been going out more often than usual. My parents have been logging every time it dies out to show to Best Buy how often it dies. In the last month it has been going out like crazy, so my dad got pissed off and spoke with Best Buy's manager about it. Best Buy agreed to pick up our tv and take it with them to check out there, but on the day they were supposed to pick it up, the guy who came out had no idea they were picking it up. He thought they were just doing an in-home repair. My dad was livid and went to Best Buy that same day to have word with the manager. As a result, the manager said they would replace our messed up tv with a brand new one of equal or lesser value, which was $3,500. So, with my help, we picked out a sweet new tv and it arrived today. We got a Pioneer 50" widescreen plasma, loaded with all the bells and whistles. It has 4 standard inputs (AV/S-video/component), 2 HDMI inputs, USB input so you can hook up a flash drive or camera to the tv and it will load all your pics and display them, CableCard slot for digital cable, PC input, plus other crap I forgot, and can do up to 720p. I hooked it up today when I got home from work and it looks awesome. All I can say is this weekend I am putting my 360 on there. :D