September 2006 Archives

movies anyone?


So two weeks from today is my birthday. All I really want to do for it is see some movies. Particularly, I really want to see Jackass Number Two. I know most of my friends probably don't want to see it, but if there is anyone out there who does, let me know because I'd like to see it opening night (Sept 22nd. Kyle, Eddie, or Melvin, I'm looking in your direction). I also really want to see The Descent, but again, I can never get anyone go to with me, so that one is on the list as well. That new Jet Li movie coming out looks cool too. Hmm, I should be writing these down or something. Anyway, if anyone is interested in any or all of these movies, drop me a message before the 22nd so we can make plans or whatever.


Oh yeah, that Tony Ja movie, The Protector looks pretty cool too. I watched Ong Bak a couple weeks ago and made me want to see The Protector.