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the death of a Wii


The fun continues. A few minutes ago I tried to turn on my Wii via the remote and it wouldn't turn on, so I pressed the power button on the Wii and it started up like normal. I thought maybe the remote had somehow gotten out of sync, which had been happening off and on the past couple of days. So I resynced the remote again and it was working fine. Then I went into the Mii channel to see if I had any new Miis or if my Mii Parade had any new visitors. As soon as I went into the Mii channel, I got a black screen saying that the Mii Channel system files were corrupt, at which point the Wii shut itself down. "Crap" I thought to myself, so I pressed the power button on my remote to turn the Wii on again. It didn't come up, so I pressed the power button on the Wii. The power button lit up green, and the drive slot shined blue, as it normally does when you first turn it on... Then it just sat there. The drive slot stayed glowing, and the Wii did nothing else. I turned it off and on again, same thing. I can't do anything now. The same thing happens every time; turn it on, drive glows blue, nothing more, nothing on the screen, you can't even hear the drive click or the fans spin inside the Wii. Searching Google, I've found that a few, though not many, people have experienced the same problem, and their only resolution is to call Nintendo and have their console replaced. This is very bad, because it meams I will lose all my save data and my Miis. While I don't care about losing my Excite Truck or Red Steel saves, I'm about 13 hours into Zelda and I really don't want to have to do that all over again. More importantly though are my 30 something Miis I've created, not to mention my Wii Sports save. For the time being I've unplugged my Wii and I'm letting it cool down for a bit in hopes that maybe it just overheated thanks to WiiConnect24. The ironic part is that earlier today I commented to Kyle's comment on my previous post about how his 360 died a couple days ago. Also ironic is I was turning on the Wii to back up my save games since I haven't done that in a few weeks and thought "you know, I really should back up my Zelda save." What's interesting is everyone bashes the 360 because it's known to overheat and die and has happened to numerous people. My 360 works fine and has been for the 10 or so months I've had it. It freezes sometimes when I play too long, and it runs significantly hotter than the Wii, yet my Wii is the one that dies. I'm gonna go and cry for my saves now.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention, Zelda is still in the drive and I can't get it out. woo.

Merry Christmas


Hope everyone is having a happy holiday. Anyone who has been reading blargg! since the beginning might remember my distaste for Christmas, but as the years go by, all that seems like just a distant memory. Anyway, before I get all sappy, let me just say I'll resume regular posting in a few days.

mobile blogging

Right I'm on the way to Houston with Julie and Howard to eat lunch. Yeah, we're driving 3 hours for food (sushi). As the title suggests, I'm posting this from my phone. Even though this thing has T9, it's still pretty painful to type this out and my neck is starting to hurt.

[ I was going to type a regular post here, but after typing a good paragraph, I ran out of space in this text box. Lame. ]



Ok that was a pretty horrible title and I apologize.

I decided not to open up another Wiimote because I want to wait for Wii Play to be released which will come with a Wiimote. Then later they will be releasing colored Wiimotes, so I'm waiting for black, silver, and maybe blue. That way I won't have any extra Wiimotes laying around (or maybe just one). So since I am not opening up a Wiimote, I can't pull the ol' switcheroo on Wal-Mart to replace my broken one. I called Best Buy to try and get my remote replaced since I have a replacement plan and it's still under the manufacturer's warranty. No luck. The only way they'd be able to replace the remote is if I sent in the entire console, which is a no go. They suggested I call Nintendo about it, so that's just what I did, and after explaining my situation to the girl on the phone, she said they'd ship out a replacement remote to me in a few days along with a packing slip so I can send them my broken remote. It's all free of charge, so that's pretty sweet. It's perfect too, since my batteries died on my remote today. I'm kind of curious if the new remote will have the new, sturdier strap for retards or if it'll have the original strap. I'm hoping it has the old strap since that thing will be a collector's item since it was basically out for only a month. Hmm, maybe I should keep these unopened Wiimotes and sell them in 20 years on ebay for $99,999,999. I can picture the title now... NINTENDO WII REMOTE CONTROLLER W/ORIGINAL STRAP!!! VERY RARE!!!!!

Er, so anyway, I should get my new remote at the end of the week, just in time for the xmas break. Maybe I can finish Zelda or Oblivion (not likely) during that time.

the death of a Wiimote


Last night my coworker's girlfriend had a graduation/leaving the US forever party to which I was invited. The party was pretty cool. She is Japanese and there were lots of Japanese people in attendance. Actually, about 90% of the people there spoke Japanese, so that's pretty much all I heard all night except for a little English here and there and Cantonese. My other coworker was also there and he brought his big ass TV and his Wii and three Wiimotes for the party. I brought my Wiimote to make 4 so we could play some tennis. It was a blast, and everyone enjoyed playing Wii Sports and Rayman. People were playing pretty much the entire night except when they turned off the TV to get people to stop playing so they could clear room for some other (boring) games like Twister. It wasn't long after that the Wii was back on for some drunken Rayman action. It wasn't until toward the end of the party while someone was playing boxing that I noticed one of their gloves wasn't moving and was stuck pointing in the air. After inspecting the remote, I realized it was my Wiimote. I hadn't really played much that night since I was too busy socalizing, so I have no idea when or how it happened, but at some point during the night, my Wiimote's motion sensor died. So now my Wiimote can only point and click. Well basically it can do everything normally, except it doesn't register any motion, so I can't play anything now. I bought the warranty for the Wii so I'm hoping I can just take the dead Wiimote to Best Buy and get it replaced. If that doesn't work, I guess I can open up one of the 4 brand new Wiimotes I bought from Wal-Mart (all of which I still have btw), take the new one, put the bad one in the package, and try and return it to Wal-Mart saying it was broken. It's all very sad, as I was wanting to play some bowling today until I remembered I can't actually throw the ball anymore. :'(

I guess I can at least be thankful nothing like this happened..