the death of a Wii


The fun continues. A few minutes ago I tried to turn on my Wii via the remote and it wouldn't turn on, so I pressed the power button on the Wii and it started up like normal. I thought maybe the remote had somehow gotten out of sync, which had been happening off and on the past couple of days. So I resynced the remote again and it was working fine. Then I went into the Mii channel to see if I had any new Miis or if my Mii Parade had any new visitors. As soon as I went into the Mii channel, I got a black screen saying that the Mii Channel system files were corrupt, at which point the Wii shut itself down. "Crap" I thought to myself, so I pressed the power button on my remote to turn the Wii on again. It didn't come up, so I pressed the power button on the Wii. The power button lit up green, and the drive slot shined blue, as it normally does when you first turn it on... Then it just sat there. The drive slot stayed glowing, and the Wii did nothing else. I turned it off and on again, same thing. I can't do anything now. The same thing happens every time; turn it on, drive glows blue, nothing more, nothing on the screen, you can't even hear the drive click or the fans spin inside the Wii. Searching Google, I've found that a few, though not many, people have experienced the same problem, and their only resolution is to call Nintendo and have their console replaced. This is very bad, because it meams I will lose all my save data and my Miis. While I don't care about losing my Excite Truck or Red Steel saves, I'm about 13 hours into Zelda and I really don't want to have to do that all over again. More importantly though are my 30 something Miis I've created, not to mention my Wii Sports save. For the time being I've unplugged my Wii and I'm letting it cool down for a bit in hopes that maybe it just overheated thanks to WiiConnect24. The ironic part is that earlier today I commented to Kyle's comment on my previous post about how his 360 died a couple days ago. Also ironic is I was turning on the Wii to back up my save games since I haven't done that in a few weeks and thought "you know, I really should back up my Zelda save." What's interesting is everyone bashes the 360 because it's known to overheat and die and has happened to numerous people. My 360 works fine and has been for the 10 or so months I've had it. It freezes sometimes when I play too long, and it runs significantly hotter than the Wii, yet my Wii is the one that dies. I'm gonna go and cry for my saves now.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention, Zelda is still in the drive and I can't get it out. woo.


Oh no, man! That is pretty dang ironic. 13 hours into Zelda -- eek. Have you tried calling Nintendo yet? Ugh. I was talking with Joseph last night, and we were talking about how all the latest generation of consoles seems to be having more issues than say Nintendo's and Sega's of old. They are much more technologically advanced, so that makes sense, and it could also be that we were kids when the older systems came out and didn't really listen to the news or have the web to look up people who had problems with their systems.

Is there somewhere you can download other people's saved games to a memory card and load them up on the Wii? In the instructions manual for the XPORT 360 I got, it lists an awesome site -> where you can get saved games and load them on your 360 hard drive, if you lose the data.

Yeah, I have felt the back of the 360 -- it's a heater. Both times it's died, the system as been in very well ventilated areas. Also, this time when it died I hadn't had it on for a couple of days, then popped in Gears after buying it and it died in less than 5 minutes... not time enough to even heat up much. *sigh*

I feel your pain.

yeah, it's rather upsetting. I haven't called Nintendo yet. I have the console completely unplugged which I'm going to leave it that way for a while and then plug it in later and hope I can at least get it to boot up once more so I can get my saves. it's weird because I haven't used it since xmas. I did turn it on last night to add a friend to my buddy list, but that lasted for only a couple mins and then I turned it back off. all I can figure is that it overheated a lot over the days due to WiiConnect24 being on. basically when that's on, the console never turns off, it just goes into standby. I've had it on since day one, but I figured since they made that feature, it must've been ok to leave it on like that all the time. it does get pretty warm though. sucks

What a horrible way to end the year. I haven't had a problem with the wii yet. Maybe you can give me your new wii address when you get your replacement.

At least you have one? I've been trying to find one since before Christmas and I haven't had any luck. They had a big shipment come in a few weeks before Christmas at Target. We got there at 7:05am. There were 30 people in line already and shortly after we got there, we found out they only have 15 in stock.

I know, I should have gotten their earlier. We didn't think finding a Wii was going to be that troublesome....

It still sucks about your Wii :( But you will probably have your replacement before I have mine at all. At least you have that :)